Welcome Post

Welcome to the show. The paints not quite dry and the scaffolding is being removed as I write. I’m feeling out the space a bit. The space echos a bit since their isn’t much here yet. Your probably asking yourself why your reading this post and are just about to click away, and I don’t blame you. But keep checking back and maybe there will be something of interest a bit later.

So, whats this space about? Mostly Development. That would be programming stuff. Java, Ruby, Javscript, Groovy and other alternative JVM languages. Maybe some Python, probably not Perl, and definitely not COBOL. I’ll probably delve into functional stuff here and there and maybe logic programming too. Technologies such as NoSql Databases, Messaging Systems, Web Servers, and other supporting cast of characters will probably grace the stage.

The development process and best practices are a very important to me and will probably take top billing.  TDD, Software Craftsmanship, Agile Processes, OO Design, and Best Practices will hopefully show up in every post.

I will also throw out various random and unrelated things. Audiobooks, podcasts, photography, guitar, cooking, and other tips, tricks, or recommendations as I find them. Basically anything that excites me.

Lots of the material will be inspired by others I admire or think have something interesting to say. I’ll add tips and tricks as I discover or think about them. I’ll provide links to interesting must read posts. I’ll also provide some book reviews for essential must read/own books and other blogs.

You might ask, “why write a blog?”. Several people I admire and several books I’ve read all suggested and recommended it. Get some material out there, stretch your comfort zone, and have some fun. But really, I think the two main reasons is to help me rationalize and digest material I’ve read or things I’ve wrestled with at work. The other is simply marketing. To get your name out there. Some employers want to know more about potential candidates.

Hopefully I’ll share some knowledge that will help someone.

Thanks for stopping by


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